Uno Pinta

By Alyssa May Rodolfa Mariano

“Growing up in Quezon province, Philippines I developed a close kinship with all the colorful festivals,” Alyssa Mariano says. That kinship is the basis of her art, in which the patterns and textures of bright and vibrant joy are turned into graphically striking paintings. She also draws inspiration from her travels in the beautiful country of Iceland and from some of her advocacies like women empowerment and ethical fashion.

The work of Philippine artist Alyssa May Mariano is an exploration of numerous adventurous strokes and layers of mixed painting techniques. She isn’t simply painting landscapes and relatable images, she is using lines and textures to depict the essential harmony she sees in nature and the universe. Working with acrylics, the 24-year old artist employs a bold color palette creating various abstract art pieces. With her palette knives and brushes, she captures the essence of patterns while unveiling a vivid interior world.

The young artist started selling paintings when COVID-19 took a heavy toll on the livelihood of farmers in the Philippines. Being a descendant of farmers from Tarlac, Alyssa decided to partner with a grassroots organization, @ForOurFarmers by donating 70% of her proceeds to provide more food packs, hermetic technology bags, and free insurance terms for the farmers, and scholarship kits to children of farmers who are coping with online education. Alyssa also decided to dedicate her 3rd collection to Project Sagip of ForOurFarmers to help extend some basic needs to the affected areas of super typhoon Rolly and typhoon Ulysses that badly hit the Philippines. Read more about the all projects and initiatives of ForOurFarmers at

Here’s a preview of Mariano’s paintings paired with modern and contemporary interior designs

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